Launch-o-saurus Logo
Logo designed for business coach for a product launch program.
Color Explorers Logo
Logo created for a local kids art activity provider. The goal was to create a logo that has a child-like appeal without being overly cutesy.
Touch A Truck Event Logo
Used truck logo and existing brand colors to create this special event logo. The goal was to create a logo appealing to kids and their parents alike.
Bloggerithm Logo Redesign
Created two new logo versions as well as new brand color palette.
Insignia Hair Salon Branding
Insignia Hair Salon is an elegant, state-of-the-art salon providing luxury hair services and facial treatments. I had the pleasure of working with the owner Jessica Rae and interior designer Stefanie Hampton as the salon was being built to design branding elements that would work with the finished salon interior. The goal was to create a look that would stand out as edgy while appealing to a wide audience in the upscale neighborhood of Walnut Creek, California.
Get Lost!! Logo
Participants in Get Lost!! events use a map to navigate through courses, both in nature and urban settings. The chosen logo shows the fun and challenging nature of the events — the athletes constantly face directional choices throughout their course and must make the right choice or "Get Lost!!"
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