TableTopics ToGo Editions for Kids
These fun conversation starter questions help tap into the boundless imagination of children.
TableTopics Paper Placemat Pads
I designed two paper placemat pads—each has 8 patterns. The design of the placemats feature question "cards" on the left and right edges, so they aren't covered up when the meal is served.
TableTopics Infomania Editions
These two conversation starter card sets feature an infographic on the back of each card and a question on the front (135 cards in each). I designed the belly wraps using elements from the card backs.
pdxwords Bike & Bumper Stickers
I noticed that there were not many stickers promoting residents' love of Portland, Oregon, and I decided to change that. My line of stickers were designed to be humorous, promote positive values and support the bike community. I used a local screen printer, Diesel Fuel, to print the stickers, and I partnered with independent local businesses such as art galleries, book stores and cafes to sell the stickers.
Gary Taxali’s Sweetshop Toys Stationery Set
I selected Gary Taxali's artwork to be featured as part of the Dark Horse Deluxe stationery line. With guidance from Art Director Mark Cox, I chose which images to use, designed the stationery, envelopes, belly band and stickers. The artist’s logo was provided.
Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys
With expert guidance from Art Director Mark Cox, I designed the logo, product packaging and print advertising for a line of toys, apparel and other merchandise using images and text from Tim Burton’s book, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. The goal was to create a look for the line that was at once dark and cute, just like Tim Burton's characters.
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